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It is my pleasure to present the practical guide on how to formulate a national urban policy. National land commission act 2012, the county governments act, 2012, the land registration act 2012, wildlife conservation and management act, 20, kenya maritime authority act cap 370, the national land policy, the national urban development policy, maritime policies and environmental conservation policies. Cities, urban policies and sustainable development division. Read more worldwide cases of national urban policies. County headquarters will be upgraded to municipal status, according to the revised national urban development policy developed by the ministry of land, housing and urban development, it seeks to create an additional municipality in every county, under guidelines for the classification of urban land uses and design.

Cities are centres of democracy, innovation, economic development. Ghana national urban policy framework 12 objectives for policy implementation. Implemented through a national urban policy action plan. The national urban policy establishes the first long term national framework to guide policy development and public and private investment in cities. Revised national urban development policy to enhance urban. Development board opens planning to a wide range of stakeholders dodson et al. National urban development strategy nuds has been prepared in line with national urban policy nup, 2007, the sustainable development goals sdgs and the new urban agenda, to address the critical issues and challenges of urbanization and unleash the potential it holds in driving forward the national development. In establishing the framework the australian government is determined to improve the productivity, sustainability and liveability of our major urban centres. Unhabitats support to the development of national urban. The national urban policy week from december 1418 2015, over 250 policy makers, government officials, development partners, and nongovernmental actors working in areas of urban policy from more than 25 countries met in korea for a week of activities around national urban policies.

The us federal government has instigated a variety of initiatives related to urban development and housing. A first step was the preparation of a national urban policy note for the union of myanmar december 2014, which in a broad manner outlines themes and topics to be addressed by a national urban policy for myanmar. A national urban policy is a coherent set of decisions. The evolution of national urban policies cities alliance. Pdf despite a global consensus to foster national urban policies nups as a. Implement coordination and synchronization of urban development planning. Big challenges, some opportunities fig working week 2012 knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage rome, italy, 610 may 2012 33 opportunities for urban development, urban planning will be streamlined and made responsive to. Effective implementation of a national urban policy nup will require a sound monitoring and evaluation mechanism to.

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