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We work with the safety codes council to develop and provide relevant information to the electrical industry. The electrical code discipline is responsible for establishing and interpreting the electrical codes, standards and regulations related to installation and product safety under the safety codes act. Utility gas plants, and operations involving storage and handling of. According to the national fire protection association, electrical cords and temporary wiring account for over 25% of the estimated 81,000 electrical system fires that occur each year. The electrical utility safety rules are a reflection of the experience of the membership and others of the industry, and the knowledge to identify, eliminate and control hazards and prevent injuries and illnesses. Eusa, the electrical utilities safety association of ontario. Customer installationstandards for electric service september 4, 2018 a transition period will exist in which installations may be approved and connected as long as they meet either the 20 or the 2018 editions. It could damage the electrical system in your house or even cause a fire. Uglys electrical safety and nfpa 70e 2012uglys electrical safety and nfpa 70e is the first pocketsized summary of nfpa 70e 2012 with comparisons to current osha regulations and the 2011 national electrical code. Louisville gas and electric company electric service handbook. Electric power generation, transmission and distribution. Free safety topics, toolbox talks, safety meetings, tailgate topics and safety resources including presentations, photographs and documents. Since 1914, the electrical utility safety rules eusr has been the foundation of health and safety education in the electrical and utilities industry. The nfpa family of codes and standards that deal with electrical issues are as dynamic as the subjects they addressincluding nfpa 70, national electrical code nec, nfpa 70b, recommended practice for electrical equipment maintenance, and nfpa 70e, standard for electrical safety in the workplace.

Electrical safety handbook, 3e let experts make onthejob safety simple the electrical safety handbook is an easytouse, illustrated source of lifesaving information tailored to fit specific work environments written by renowned experts in electrical construction safety and medicine, the electrical safety handbook is the reference professionals trust for uptodate and easytofollow. Revising the purpose rule to include only the safeguarding of persons and utility facilities and clarifying the application rules. National electrical safety code nesc 2017 ieee xplore. Electrical and motor machine shop safety procedures. The information herein is also not intended to serve as recommendations or advice for specific situations. Electrical safety code of practice 2020 electrical equipment rural industry pdf, 667. The national electrical safety code nesc or ansi standard c2 is a united states standard of the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of electric power and communication utility systems including power substations, power and communication overhead lines, and power and communication underground lines. The risk of fires can be reduced by following these essential home electrical safety tips. Customer specifications for installation of underground facilities. Burlington northern santa fe will achieve this vision. Department of health and human services dhhs, national institute for occupational safety and. Electric and gas service manuals alliant energys electric and gas service manuals supply essential information to customers, employees, architects, engineers, contractors, inspectors, and others concerned with the planning and construction of electric and gas service installations in our utility service areas. Ihsa is hosting several stakeholder input sessions across ontario to allow the users of the eusr to share experiences and provide feedback about the electrical and utility safety rule book. These rules guide how electrical equipment is used and maintained in your workplace.

Tricky situation, and you must be very calm in order not to make the situation even worse. We will earn your business by developing and delivering performancebased injury prevention solutions, second to none. Confirm from the utility company that the lines have been deenergized and are visibly grounded at the worksite. Qualification of officers appointed to assist the inspectors 5. Electrical testing of electrical protective equipment. Louisville gas and electric company electric service handbook distribution operations. Beginning january 2, 2019, only the 20 18 edition of the customer installation standards will be accepted. Any rules or regulations conform with and supplement local, municipal, and state of. Appointment of officers to assist the inspectors 4b. These extensive documents reflect changing industry. If an individual comes in contact with a live electrical conductor, do not touch the equipment, cord or person.

Electrical hazards safety toolbox talks meeting topics. Department of health and human services dhhs, national institute for occupational safety and health niosh publication no. If your foreman does not act promptly, contact your employer directly. Puc general orders, codes, laws, policies, rules of practice. On february, 2015, osha, edison electric institute, the utility line clearance coalition, and the tree care industry.

Alberta electrical utility code safety codes council. The ip audience has grown to rely on our valuable information. Puc general orders, codes, laws, policies, rules of. The introduction has important information about fire, building and electrical codes that may apply to you in addition to wisha rules. Collect all the artwork and create a book about lil plug and lil reds electrical safety adventures. This document is not intended to be all inclusive and is not a substitute for direct communication between the customer and fpl. How to identify employees appropriate training and protection requirements. Louisville gas and electric company electric service handbook distribution operations asset management, electric policies and standards ii. Disconnect the power source from the circuit breaker or pull out the plug using a leather belt. Readers appreciate the concise format as incident prevention is an all content no fluff publication. To download the indiana amendments of irc 14 indiana residential code, click here. This book contains requirements that are based on many years of experience an d were developed to meet system safety and efficiency needs while offering reasonable convenience to customers. Dont plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or extension cord. Electrical safety summary 53 annex a 54 electrical safety terms and definitions 54 annex b 61 electrical safety codes and standards 61 annex c 63 energized electrical work permit 63 annex d 65 arcflash calculation steps 65 annex e 67 arc flash calculator tables 67 annex f 71 resources for electrical safety 71 annex g 73 references 73 annex h 74.

Electrical utility safety rules this page is for the employer to record, if desired, to whom this rule book has been issued. Chapter 15, to license people doing electrical work and to adopt and enforce nationally recognized safety codes. Never try to rescue another person if you are not trained to do so. Service point occupancies which utilize a fire pump for safety protection are permitted to have a separate service provided solely for the fire pump. This book of safety rules has been written to guide all those people engaged in. This is a safety consideration, aimed at keeping people safe from the danger of shock. Secondary service underground service from overhead distribution. Russ has more than 43 years of service and experience in the electrical utility business providing safety and compliance training. Regardless of whether you own or rent, you should consider having safety switches installed on all. An osha authorized trainer provides all 29 cfr 1910 general industry and 1926 construction compliance training. The importance of electrical safetyrelated work practices. To download the indiana amendments of ibc building code, click here.

Readers appreciate the concise format as incident prevention is an all content. Wait for the electrical utility to come and they will tell you when it is safe to get out of your vehicle. Safety rules for the outside electrical industry the northeastern. The electrical utility safety rules are embedded in occupational health and safety regulations for both construction and industrial programs this training is designed to provide attendees with knowledge in the application of the electrical and utility safety rules. Each utility system may operate with specific rules and procedures regarding. To download the general administrative rules 675 iac 12, click here. It includes extracts from the safety rules and procedures, jsp 375, volume 3, chapter 3. Since 1914, the electrical utility safety rules eusr.

But electricity can be dangerous if you dont follow some basic safety tips. Ecao electrical contractors association of ontario. They should not be used in place of your local electrical codes if you are. See how do the wisha rules relate to fire, building and electrical codes in the introduction section of this book. This handbook is intended only as a guideline for safety. Always follow the safety 6 rules when working near power lines. To protect workers in this construction environment, osha has created rules that.

The electricity safety rule book has been prepared for the benefit of all skilled persons electrical involved in operating, working on or near or testing electrical equipment for which the ministry of defence is responsible. The alberta electrical utility code the aeuc is divided into numbered sections, each covering a specific topic related to the work. High voltage service exceeding 600 volts through 15kv overhead service from overhead lines. The nebraska state electrical board rules consist of 19 promulgated rules adopted by the board to enable it to carry out its mission of public safety through electrical licensing and inspection and can be found by clicking on the link below. Failure to comply with the electrical contractor licensing, administrator certification, or electrician certification laws. Electrical contractors handbook ech subject table of contents effective. Page 3 city of columbus the purpose of this handbook is to provide general health and safety knowledge to all city of columbus city em. Electrical transmission and distribution construction. Be familiar with and follow safety programs specific to your division or facility. Nfpa 70 e and nesc trainer for electrical industry and sub part s maintenance electricians. Inspect extension cords for broken connectors, damaged insulation and. Occupational safety and health administration osha. A rule using should carries the idea that options exist, but that the rule contains the. Some health and safety programs will differ between divisions.

Electrical transmission and distribution construction contractors and trade association osha partnership best practices purpose. This material was produced by the workplace safety awareness council, a. Elements of osha electrical safety regulation 29 cfr 1910. Provides information about the hazards that electrical workers may experience as a part of their jobs. The importance of electrical safety related work practices.

If you are unsure of the voltage of a particular line, stay at least 35 feet away. I agree to read and follow all safety rules outlined in this. This madison gas and electric company mge electrical contractors handbook gives contractors, architects, engineers, and customers answers to common questions about residential, commercial, and industrial electrical installations and hookups. Ihsa is seeking stakeholder input on the eusr from the electrical industry in ontario. Draw a picture of lil plug and lil red finding other electrical dangers in the home. We are dedicated to being the leading health and safety authority in the electrical and utilities sectors. To download the indiana amendments of irc 14 indiana. As part of a safety and health curriculum for secondary and postsecondary electrical trades courses, this manual is. The purpose of this manual is to provide direction and to the greatest extent possible, to assure a safe work environment for all electrical employees. It was created through the electrical employers association of ontario and maintained by the electrical and utilities safety association of ontario, one of ihsas legacy organizations. However, osha adopted delayed compliance deadlines for certain requirements and established this temporary enforcement policy that was in effect through february 17, 2015. If you are unsure of the voltage of a particular line, stay at least 35 feet away to ensure your safety. Ask the children to explain the electrical safety rule demonstrated in the drawing. The national electrical code nec and national electrical safety code nesc mandate acceptable clearances for power lines to keep the public safe and prevent contact with electrical current.

This electrical safety hazards handbook was developed for general education purposes only and is not intended to replace an electrical safetytraining program or to serve as a sole source of reference. It is published by the institute of electrical and electronics engineers ieee. Electrical equipmentloc k hot work powered industrial truck. See the chart below for the occupational safety and health administration osha guidelines and make sure to keep. Safety and health topics electrical hazard recognition. This electrical safety hazards handbook was developed for general education purposes only and is not.

Notify your foreman immediately if you feel that a hazard exists. Our vision is that burlington northern santa fe will operate free of accidents and injuries. Incident prevention contains utility safety and operations articles written by industry experts specifically for utilities, contractors and communication providers. Eusa, the electrical utilities safety association of. To play it safe around your home, remember the rules for using electricity the right way. Table of contents items 1 7 updated 10262011, definitions complete list of rules item 8 updated 04032019 approved metering tables and equipment tables item 9 updated 02202020 sketches 1 to 25 item 10 updated 12212017 sketches 26 to 50 item 10 updated 04092019. Electrical workers safety handbook 9 o s h a g u i d e l i n e s your employers obligations safe environment osha obligates your employer to provide a safe place for you to work. Mechanical safety rules and policies in effect at 0001 central, mountain and pacific continental time sunday, october 31, 2004 bnsf safety vision we believe every accident or injury is preventable. We are committed to the effective transfer of knowledge. Published exclusively by ieee and updated every 5 years to keep the code uptodate with changes in the industry and technology, the national electrical safety code nesc sets the ground rules and guidelines for practical safeguarding of utility workers and the public during the installation, operation, and maintenance of electric supply, communication lines and associated equipment. I agree to report all injuries to my foreman immediately, no matter how minor the. Electrical workers safety handbook 1 a c k n o w l e d g m e n t handbook acknowledgment this is to acknowledge that i have received my copy of the electrical workers safety handbook. The sections are divided into numbered rules, with captions for easy reference, as follows.

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