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To help you recognize this information, we use the symbols below. Title description chapter 1 getting started a description of this book and an overview of the cisco small business pro ip. Cisco spa122 enrollment guide for megapath voice for cisco phones to work with our hosted voice platform, they must be able to reach our configuration. On the inside of this form, write your name, gender, date of birth, ethnic group, and marital status. This document will explain the basic installation and configuration of free 3cx and configuration linksys spa3102 gateway to allow incoming and outgoing calls from a pstn analog line. The spa3102 comes with only a quickstart guide, and the link from the support page takes me to the spa9000 ip phone manual. If you want to configure network settings using the interactive voice response menu, refer to the next section. View online or download cisco spa3102 na administration manual. Cisco small business spa2102, spa3102, spa8000, spa8800, pap2t analog telephone adapters administration guide.

Any questions or concerns about this document can be sent to. Configure a linksys spa3102 ata to a voip provider on. Spa3102 dial plan predictive dialer call center software. Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of cisco systems. The spa3102 is a linksys device, similar to the pap2t line of devices in appearance and configuration. Download manual for the linksys spa3102 setuprouter. Cisco spa3102 voice gateway with router quick start guide. Th is voice gateway will allow your computers to share a highspeed internet connectio n as well as resources, including files and printers. Tensioning force adjustment see operation manual p329 cutting of the upper strap welding time adjustment see operation manual p329 seal quality see operation manual p329 function of the led display proceed according to paragraph 1. Go to the address bar, enter your spas ip address 192. Cisco spa3102 voice gateway with router quick start guide pdf 871 kb maintain and operate guides. Oct 27, 2012 customers are using voicent to automate dialing with builtin crm, automate permit processes, handle incoming calls, and send sms text messages. Getting started with the cisco spa100 series phone adapters before you begin cisco spa100 series phone adapters administration guide 7 1 the cisco spa100 series atas include the models described below.

Change the cisco small business voip router password. Incoming calls from linksys will come with number defined in dialling plan 1. I have a linksys spa3102 to convert my pstn line to a voip line for my 3cx. Cisco systems spa3102 voice gateway with router buy cisco. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your linksys spa3102 router. Administration guide is the basic technical manual for the spa3102. The spa3102 includes 2 100baset rj45 ethernet interfaces to connect to a home or office lan, as well as an ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router. Is there really no complete manual for the 3102, or is it just cleverly hidden. Compact in design, the spa3102 can be used in consumer and business voip service offerings, including a. View online or download cisco small business spa3102 administration manual. Mar, 2007 heres a full guide on how to setup a linksys spa3102 voip ata to use a voip provider for adsl connections, step by step. Linksys ata administrator users guide ground control. Linksys spa3102 voip adapter overview a linksys spa3012 can be installed by the end user and remotely provisioned, configured and maintained by the service provider.

Dec 11, 2008 im trying to unlock an enginbadged spa3102 so that i can use it to connect to my asterisk server, but after performing a reset to factory defaults i cant login as admin. Administration manual, provisioning manual, user manual. Each linksys spa3102 converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over an ip network. Below is the system log file when i try and make an outbound. Compact in design, the linksys spa3102 can be used in consumer and business voip. Customers planning to use linksys ata devices in a voip service. This chapter describes how to configure the linksys spa3102. All calls from innovaphone gateway to linksys spa3102 will be routed through fxo interface directly. Analog trunk fxo with linksys spa3102 innovaphonewiki. You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router. Before you begin 2 configure the voice gateway cisco. How to set up a linksys spa3102 voip routerata for bt uk.

If the ip address of the spa3102 has been changed, type the gateways ip address in the address bar instead. This information relates to protecting your safety and preventing equipment problems. Configure the linksys spa921 voip phone localphone. Cisco small business pro ip phone spa 504g user guide sip 2 1 this document describes using the cisco spa 504g with the 8x8 virtual office. Please read the manual and pay attention to these sections. Administration guide cisco spa100 series phone adapters. In addition to the similar appearance the spa3102 also adds extra features not present in the pap2t such as an fxo foreign exchange office. Organization this table describes the contents of each chapter in this document. Cisco small business analog telephone adapters administration. Spa3102 users will be able to extend the use of their broadband phone service by automatically routing local calls from. Medicaid state plan provider manual draft march 2016 contents of this manual are subject to change. The cisco spa3102 supports one rj11 basic telephone fxs port to connect an existing. For exchange of wearing parts see operation manual p329. This manual contains information that is important for you to know and understand.

View and download cisco linksys spa3102 user manual online. You should see the linksys phone adapter configuration page. The cisco spa3102 phone adapter with router figure 1 features the ability to connect standard telephones and fax machines to an ipbased data network, with the additional benefit of an integrated connection for legacy telephone network hopon, hopoff applications. This page contains the user manual in pdf form for the linksys spa3102 router.

Wireless presentationpro califone pa329 rev 01 0814. You can find you sip registration details under the voip section of your localphone dashboard the linksys spa921 is a voip router which lets you use your traditional analogue telephone with localphones voip services. Caller id is displayed correctly when receiving calls from spa3102. Dynamic host configuration protocol dhcp client rfc 21. Enter your email address to receive the manual of acer spin 1 sp111 in the language languages. Linksys ata administrator users guide document version 3. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your cisco spa3102 na router. Linksys spa3102 or spa3000 configuration wizard this free service allows you to easily configure a sipuralinksys spa series adaptor for a number of different services with known good configurations. Connect your spa3102 to the mains power and check that some lights, any lights, turn on. The search window lets you search for terms in multiple pdf files that are stored on your pc or. View and download linksys spa3102 user manual online. Manual reboot 732668 after you hear, option successful, hang. The complete manual for the relay spaj 142 c contains the following partial manuals. We have 6 cisco linksys spa3102 manuals available for free pdf download.

User guide cisco small business pro for 8x8 virtual office. Spa3102 will route the call via the internet to the end destination. This is a minimal howto configuration on setting up a spa3102 with freeswitch so incoming calls will be forwarded to freeswitch extension 1001 and will show the incoming call as freeswitch extension. Part of cisco small business voice gateways and atas, the spa3102 voice gateway allows automatic routing of local calls from mobile phones and land lines to voice over internet protocol voip service providers, and vice versa. Manuale istruzioni instructions for use manual manuel. This chapter describes how to configure the linksys spa3102 and ag310 for providing pstn connectivity. By first calling the local number on the spa3102, you can reduce or eliminate longdistance charges altogether. Childrens behavioral health and health services transformation. Place the spa3102 in a place thats convienient for you, generally next to your adsl modem is ideal.

If not, your spa3102 may be using a different ip address and netmask see the documentation in the box to find out what. Cisco linksys spa3102 manuals manuals and user guides for cisco linksys spa3102. General relay description 1mrs 750873mum en general characteristics of dtype relay modules 1mrs 750066mum en combined overcurrent and earthfault module spcj 4d29 1mrs 750119mum en characteristics threephase lowset overcurrent unit with defi. Introduction welcome thank you for choosing the voice gateway with router.

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